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Ready to share your skills with the next generation of digital storytellers? We cover the total cost of flights, housing, and travel insurance and even pay participants a basic monthly stipend to cover food for one full year

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Help to Addicted Girls – Volunteering in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Off track girls/female are lady/girls (including school girls) who are obliged to be prostitution for their hand to mouth problem, for entertainment or money. In Nepal’s law, doing prostitution is illegal in Nepal’s law, but many of the girls have obliged to be a hooker in a hotel, restaurant, and massage center or in the street. They are known as ... Read More »

Teaching and medical Volunteers Nepals


Project Description Then why not come to Nepal home of Mount Everest, ancient cities, jungle, tigers, and so much more. By volunteering with EHN you get to experience a culture that is unique in so many ways and best of all it will only cost you £10 or $15 a day. This it’s because EHN have a small team of ... Read More »