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Proyecto Horizonte – Uspha Uspha

Proyecto Horizonte – Uspha Uspha

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Project Description

Proyecto Horizonte Ushpa-Ushpa is a non-profit organization working in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Working within the community of Mineros San Juan, Ushpa-Ushpa, Proyecto Horizonte runs projects in Education, Healthcare and Community Development.

Education: From daycare to secondary education, Proyecto Horizonte provides over 800 children with the best start; offering a full curriculum taught by professional educators and providing nutritious meals everyday.

Healthcare: On team at Proyecto Horizonte are two doctors, two dentists and two nurses to provide locals with affordable, high quality healthcare.

Community Development: Proyecto Horizonte works to encourage development and empowerment within the community with a range of community education programs (from leadership to sexual health), sport and cultural activities, micro-enterprise initiatives and women’s groups.

Volunteer Information

Proyecto Horizonte welcomes volunteers from from all professions and interests. We offer both short and long-term projects for volunteers on-site in Bolivia and remote/online volunteering opportunities for those unable to travel.

Cost: All volunteer, internship and professional placements are free of charge. For those volunteers who intend to stay with us 3 months or less, we ask that they donate a minimum of USD150 to Proyecto Horizonte. This donate should ideally come from fundraising efforts.

On-site: Past on-site volunteers have worked as tutors in our school or daycare, assistants to our psychology team and medical staff, or have given workshops on themes from nutrition to photography. Volunteers are encouraged to engage with the community and take part in daily activities. We welcome suggestions from volunteers on potential new projects and seek to match volunteer skills to the needs of the people of Ushpa-Ushpa wherever possible.

Off-site: For those unable to travel to Bolivia but still keen to help, we always appreciate volunteers willing to promote Proyecto Horizonte internationally or within their own community. Opportunities include helping with fundraising, marketing, translation and administrative tasks.

Additional Information

We recommend a basic level of Spanish before arriving at Cochabamba and intermediate Spanish for those interested in doing more involved projects. Many of our volunteers take Spanish classes while volunteering and we would be happy to recommend Spanish tutors who have worked well with past volunteers.


Cochabamba, Bolivia.


Website: www.proyectohorizonte.org

Email: info@proyectohorizonte.org