Film Making Cameroon

Documentary Film Maker & Digital Marketer

We need a volunteer who is a self-starter that has the drive and know how to create short videos. As a volunteer, you will help us create a U-tube channel where we can show case our project work.

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We are called CAEPA (Community Agriculture and Environmental Protection Association) Cameroon and we work with schools, environmental clubs and farming groups. Our activities are geared towards assisting those groups to adapt and mitigate climate change. In doing so, they learn to conserve ground water, check erosion and check ground water pollution.

Next available dates: Immediately – contact us today
Stay duration: Minimum stay is 3 months
Places available: 2 volunteer
Hours & roster: 30 hours a week, weekends free
What’s included? Free accommodation & meals with host family
What’s Not Included? Flights, travel health insurance, visa, pocket money

Help Required 

As a volunteer, you will be expected to produce and promote short video documentaries that can be uploaded online and shared with our project partners. Tasks will include the following:

  • Produce short compelling video content.
  • Visit project sites. Plan, produce & film video content about the projects.
  • Create U-tube channel.
  • Market U-tube content online.
  • Market U-tube content to offline partners and wider community.

Hours & Roster 

  • 30 hours a week. We will draw up an activity plan together upon arrival in Cameroon.
  • Minimum stay length is 3 months.
  • Message us – tell us about yourself, skills and how you can help.


  • Immediately – contact us today.

Sleeping: As a volunteer, you will live for free in a family house where you will have your own room with keys. Kitchen, living room and bathroom are shared.

Linen & Laundry: Please bring own sleeping bag and towels. Laundry facilities available.

Eating: Volunteer will live with a host family and receive 3 free meals a day, which will be prepared by the host family.

Transport: You will need to make your own way to us. We are based in Bamenda which is the North West Region of Cameroon. We can provide more details on confirmation of stay. Before arriving in Cameroon, you will need to contact the Cameroonian embassy in your home country to obtain a visa. Either 3 month or 6 month visas are available and usually you must provide proof of flights, travel insurance and an invitation letter (which CAEPA CAMEROON will email to you).

Amenities & Preferences 

  • Accommodate up to 2 volunteer at any one time.
  • Any volunteers from any country with no barriers to age, sex or colour.
  • 18 + age preference.
  • Wi-Fi onsite.
  • Wildlife of Cameroon: To preserve its wildlife, Cameroon has more than 20 protected reserves comprising national parks, zoos, forest reserves and sanctuaries.
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