Latest Volunteering Opportunities

Community Development

Buenas Cosas Volunteer Guatemala

Buenas Cosas Volunteer Guatemala

Buenas Cosas manage voluntourism and sustainable community development projects. Low cost volunteering in Guatemala, Central America. Read More »

Volunteer in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Abrigo Volunteer Brazil

Casa do Caminho Brasil work with children and young adolescents. Free volunteering opportunity, including accommodation and food. Minimum 6 month commitment. Read More »

Trama Textiles Women’s Weaving Association Guatemala

Trama Textiles Guatemala

Trama Textiles is a worker-owned women’s weaving association offering training and fair-trade textile goods. Free volunteering Guatemala. Read More »

Guardabarranco Volunteer in Nicaragua

Volunteering Nicaragua

Guardabarranco seek volunteers for organic and sustainable farming, coffee production, and teaching. Low cost volunteering Nicaragua. Read More »

Childline Uganda

Childline Uganda (CU) is a community grassroots organisation working to improve the lives of people and communities affected by HIV/AIDS pandemic. Read More »

Volunteer with Rural Kids in Vietnam

CDS Rural Education Development Organization (Vietnam) is looking for volunteers who would like to teach at our school. Free Volunteering. Read More »