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Build a School for Nepal – Free Volunteering Nepal

Build a School for Nepal – Free Volunteering Nepal

We are not organization which trying to looks good, we are just small group of people who care. We are building a real school in Nepal – and that is our mission.

Volunteer Information

We have built a house for volunteers, where food and accomodation volunteers can get for free. Maximum capacity of this house is about 25 people.
On arrival in Kathmandu volunteers will be meet by curator of the project, and put to the guest house in Kathmandu (1 night free of charge); then-to the bus to Jhaphe-6 Dolakha. In Jhaphe he also meets with the curators of the project. All the Instructing will be given out on the site. 6 hours a day, volunteer must give to school. Other times he is free to spend as they see fit. Describe the beauty of the Himalayas is same pointless as taking a photos of it. It must been seen with Your own eyes!

We are building a real school in Nepal. There are 2 types of Volunteer works in our project – builder (worker on the site of a new school) and a teacher (who will work in existing school.) To come to our project, you need to decide whom are you going to be. all additional information. You can find on our website, FB/VK/Twitter.


Jhaphe, Nepal.